On our way to Nisswa-Stämman, Minnesota US

25 May

In the beginning of June we will be traveling with Jensen, Bugge & Høirup to Minnesota to start a small tour in the Midwest by performing at the 20th Nisswa-Stämman.

We have all been there before, but this is the first time that we visit this great festival as a band, and we are very much looking forward to meet old as well as new friends.

We will be joined at some of the concerts by the old tradition carrier, fiddler and accordion player, Dwight Lamb and his friend and colleaque, fiddler Bill Petersson.

After the festival we will do a house concert in Minneapolis, before we continue to South Dakota and Iowa. You can se more about the concerts here!

Touring Denmark and Sweden in the beautiful fall

7 Oct

The tour will actually begin in Växjö in Sweden and then proceed to Denmark where we will be visiting venues in the cities as well as the country side in Jutland and on Zealand.

You will learn more on the trio’s official website – we are looking forward to see you!

Here you have a video from the Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival where we played for a dance-concert in 2017 – dance concert in this case means that the music has been arranged for istening as well as dancing, so the audience are sitting on benches in the back and along the wall to listen, while others are moving on the floor.

Welcome to our new website!

29 Nov
Jensen, Bugge & Høirup celebrating the Danish winter in the beautiful old park of Frederiksberg Slot (Frederiksberg Castle), close to Morten’s home.

Jensen, Bugge & Høirup is a Danish trio playing traditional as well as newly composed  music, arranged for accordion, violin, guitar & vocals.

Mette and Kristian has known each other since their childhood, and in 2001, while studying at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, they formed the duo Jensen & Bugge, to work with traditional Danish music and dancing.

In 2010 they met up with Morten Alfred at the famous Danish Tønder Festival, and since then they have performed and recorded together under the name ‘Jensen & Bugge + Høirup’:

“We have toured all over Denmark, and in Germany, Norway, The Faroe Islands and Canada, and we have now decided to make this a independent trio, keeping up our work with not only the traditional Danish music, but also music that we compose our self.

We play for concert as well as for traditional dancing, and we specialize in arranging the music so that it works great for both dancing and listening. That way you never go in vain, when you meet up to hear us.

But enough about us, now we’ll welcome you warmly to this new website og ours.

Please do take a little time to explore this site, watch our great videos, listen to the music, and please let us know if you are missing something, or if you just want to get in touch. We are looking forward to meet you very soon at a venue, a festival or on a dance floor somewhere”.

P.S. The duo Jensen & Bugge continues to play, of cause, while the trio is living its own life…

A lovely summer night at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival!

27 Nov
Jensen, Bugge & Høirup on stage in ‘Danseladen’, one of several stages at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival, on August 11th 2017.

In August 2017 Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival celebrated their 9th year as a festival, and Jensen, Bugge & Høirup was there, introducing our version of a ‘dance concert’.

The idea is to arrange and play music for traditional dancing, in a way that is great for as well the dancers as for people turning up just to listen.

We spent some time together in July touring the Faroe Islands, and while doing that, we also found the time to arrange new sets of traditional dance music, combined with our own compositions.

The result was presented in the old dance barn at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival, and it was a great success from the very beginning.

What we thought might end up as a quiet ‘chamber concert’-like dance situation, developed into a pretty rock `n’ roll kind of party, with a lot of happy people listening, dancing and singing along on our new material,

We certainly had a blast, and Josh Stærk recorded it all, while Grete Jensen – Mette’s sister – and a colleague of hers, Kevin Pedersen, caught it all on video. Here is one of the videos, find more on this site as we upload them!

Exploring the beautiful Faroe Islands!

23 Nov
Performing at Mykines, a small island west of Faroe Islands. Only 19 people lives here on a regular basis, but in the summertimes, lots of turists come to enjoy the beautiful nature, listen to music, and to meet the people living here.

The Faroe Islands must be one of the most beautiful places of the earth, and we had the great luck and privilege to go there in July.

The sun was shining, the flowers blooming, the birds breeding and everybody was enjoying the summer.

The Faroe Islands offers the visiter so much, and for us to travel there was extremely inspiring.

We went all over the place, playing in Tórshavn, on the popular G! festival, and visiting quite a few small islands.

During the tour we added lots of music to our new repertoire, including tunes that we have written ourself, and we performed, made plans for the future and enjoyed life.

The lighthouse at Mykines, built in 1909, and later housing a radio station reporting about the enemy during WWll.

On the small island of Myines (Myggenæs), we met a lot of great musicians, amongst them two great saxophone players, Charlotte Andersson and Jeanette Balland.

Charlotte and Jeanette were there to perform with their DuoH, but they also plays in Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet.

We had a good time together, and we hope to do some projects with them during 2018 and 2019.